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Equipment Safety Management System
A Christchurch company is in the business of offering fun, challenging and memorable team-building experiences for companies, organisations and school groups. They run camps, journeys and retreats in NZ, Australia, Italy and Wales, and use a wide range of equipment in the activities that are offered. Most of this equipment must comply with strict safety management standards and has to be checked regularly. These equipment checks are essential in:
  • minimising risk, and keeping crew and clients safe
  • complying with the Health and Safety in Employment
The company asked us to develop a web-based, easy to use equipment maintenance system to monitor safety checks for all their branches. They had looked at a package product but would have had to subscribe four times, one for each branch. Magellan Software has developed a web-based solution, interfacing with a SQL Server database, that allows authorised users at any branch to add equipment, record safety checks and report on equipment due for checking or retirement. Since initial deployment, further enhancements have been added to allow for bulk editing and checking, making the users' experience very straightforward. User feedback includes: "Jackie this is fantastic – I just added 25 tents and it worked perfectly" and "Jackie – what a legend!! Thanks so much for getting that done already. It works a treat and is exactly what we were after."

Building Quotation System for a Nelson company
A Nelson Project Management and Cost Consultant business had a DOS-based costing system which was no longer being supported. It lacked functionality and did not interface into Microsoft Excel. Magellan Software was asked to design a new system, taking the best ideas from the old system and adding new functionality and integration with other software. The solution was written with MS Access using a SQL Server back end. The new solution provides costings for all building projects, including all materials and subcontractor costs. It has a user-friendly data input interface and is extremely accurate in its costings. All reports can be generated in paper or email form and can be exported in Excel format.

Nationwide charitable organisation providing child fostering, respite and family-oriented services
This large organisation has 18 regional offices and historically ran its client administration with separate databases for each office. Administration and reporting requirements made it very time-consuming to collate information across the regions, and children often moved with their families, necessitating a laborious process of manually transferring records from one system to another. Magellan Software worked with the organisation to develop an intranet-based system to completely centralise all data recording. Developed in consultation with end users (Regional Office Managers, Administrators, Social Workers and Head Office managers), as well as the organisation's own Systems and DBA staff, the new system handles all of the data recording, reporting and document generation across all of the regional offices. It uses a SQL Server database with an ASP.NET-enabled web interface to allow authorised users at various levels access to the functionality that they need. The new system allows the organisation to
  • maintain a central data repository
  • easily manage records of children who move around the country
  • produce daily, monthly and annual reports
  • produce data extracts for bank payments and interface into other systems
  • manage and generate documents required for organisational functionality and communication with external parties
  • automatically generate emails to other system users and external parties
  • create referrals to other agencies
  • log user interaction with the system
  • toggle feature functionality on or off
  • sell licenses to other organisations to use the system with customised branding
  • customise branding

Modification of the system for a Christchurch charity
A Christchurch-based charity managing personnel in far-flung locations was using a custom system that was not meeting requirements of usability and reporting. Magellan Software was engaged to take over the system and make it more user-friendly. There was also a need to provide security and additional reporting. We travelled to Christchurch and consulted with the organisation, to work out and prioritise the changes required, and to observe users interacting with the system first-hand. They system was then extensively modified, resulting in
  • speeding up of data entry, making repetitive tasks much easier for users
  • more accurate and comprehensive reporting
  • export of data to spreadsheets
Following the changes, the CEO said "Before, my staff used to regard the database as a necessary evil. After the changes, they now look forward to using it." The Office and Finance Manager said "The changes you made to our database have personally made my life so much easier saving heaps of time."


Open Home Foundation of New Zealand
"Grant and Jackie have been dedicated in learning our business so they can produce software solutions which meet our needs to an exacting standard. The service we receive from Magellan is excellent and we see our relationship continuing well into the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Magellan to any prospective customer and am happy to be contacted." Russell Martin, Chief Executive

New Zealand Church Missionary Society
"Grant – you are worth your weight in gold! The changes you made to our database have personally made my life so much easier saving heaps of time. I really appreciate the way you listened to what we wanted and then made changes to enable it to happen, making our database actually work for us and produce what we wanted it to. It was helpful too that you were so accessible if we had queries. Thanks so much." Anne Allen, Office and Finance Manager

The Big Picture, Wellington
"This system has completely transformed our business, we're thrilled with it! I'd be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone in future" Hamish Woulfe, Director

Britannia Textiles, Nelson
"On time, on spec, that's a great place to start. Good thought put into background structure to allow users to edit key underlying assumptions, rather than have the code edited at a later date. And nice people too." Steve Perris, Accountant